Spotify Usage

Our mobile application plans to use Spotify APIs so artists may log in through their Spotify account in order for information to be shared with our platform for ease of use so the artist doesn't have to recreate.  The information we'll be using will include artist bio write-ups, photos, and classification of their music styling and genre, when applicable.   This will also allow us to verify that the artist creating a profile on our platform is indeed who they say they are and help them avoid extra steps necessary to validate their identity. 

Though we have ideas of how we would like to implement more usage of Spotify APIs in the future (ability to play music, track and reward users for the music they listen to in the Spotify app, and suggest new artists based on a user's Spotify listening habits) for our MVP that is currently being developed, we are only looking to allow the aforementioned features.

Here is a link to user flows and below are XD mock-ups of features that will incorporate Spotify APIs.